This is a one day ‘hackathon’ to uncover the possibilities and design a 20 minute Neighbourhood. Teams will have the space to ideate and pitch their NOW and their NEXT solutions to a panel of judges and to an audience of potential customers for prizes of cash and services.


Teams from 3 – 6 are allowed. Teams will develop and pitch the ideas with the most market feasible pitch winning a cash prize and an opportunity to further develop their solution with researchers, suppliers and potential clients. All team members must comply with the hackathon rules. If any team member fails to comply the whole team may be disqualified at the organisers discretion. Each team is responsible for its own teamwork. The organisers will not officiate disputes between team members in conduct, contribution, intellectual property (IP) or prize sharing.


Each team may submit one entry only into the hackathon. The submission must be completed at the specified time. The idea may consist of an idea developed prior to the hackathon or during the hackathon. Each team owns their own IP and are responsibility for its protection. All participants must comply with the applicable copyright and relevant laws. Judging decisions are final and not subject to appeal.


All participants agree to be photographed and videotaped by the organisers without receiving compensation of any kind. Images and footages may be broadcast, displayed, reproduced, edited, exhibited, used and distributed by the organisers for any legal purpose including revenue producing activities.


This should be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

Treat others with respect

Do not abuse, stalk, harass or threaten others. Do not make offensive comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Do not disrupt other people or the event and do not make inappropriate physical contact or pay unwelcome sexual attention to other participants.

Respect the venue and equipment

Do keep the venue clean and tidy and use the rubbish and recycling bins as appropriate. Do let the organisers know if there are any issues.

Stay within the rules

Only use authorised materials and not submit any projects which are false, defamatory or overtly political or contains material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss. Check the website and/or discuss with the organisers if unclear.

Take care

We are all here to create, not party. This hackathon is intended for those over the stage of 18. Those under the stage of 18 must report to the organisers and must come with a guardian. Any behaviour which may be deemed inappropriate by the organisers will need to immediate warnings or expulsion without refund or compensation.